05/06/2024 Fund has announced a landmark investment in Caja Municipal de Ahorro y Crédito Cusco S.A. (Caja Cusco), a leading microfinance institution in Perú, through a senior loan totaling USD 15 million equivalent in local currency. The loan has a 5-year maturity and is structured as a synthetic facility. Moreover, this loan is an innovative instrument designed to combine environmental and financial benefits.


LAGreen Fund, a leading green bond fund dedicated to Latin America and the Caribbean, proudly announces its investment in the first thematic bond issued in the Guatemalan market. The USD 20 million investment will be dedicated to investing in green initiatives within small and medium-sized enterprises.


The 16th International Economic Forum on Latin America and the Caribbean took place in Paris on 22 May 2024 and focused on scaling up financing for development. 


Jul 10 - 13, 2024 Georgetown, Guyana
Sep 09 - 12, 2024 Oaxaca, Mexico
Oct 07 - 10, 2024 St. Lucia


   Urban Development

Fondo MiVivienda - Promoting sustainable social housing in Peru

Project led by AFD

  • 110,800 households certified as sustainable quality social housing, 10,500 out of which received support from LAIF
  • "MiVivienda Verde programme” enabled the reduction of electricity consumption by 40% and of water consumption by 30% by 2024 in the new homes
  • Development of urban planning measures in several Peruvian cities

   Waste Management

Jujuy Integrated Waste Management Project

Project led by EIB

By 2025, the project shall have the following results:

  • 600,000 direct beneficiaries of the improved waste management strategy
  • 700 jobs created
  • Recovery of 23,000 tons of waste

   Sustainable energy

Cerro Dominador: The first thermal solar power plant in Latin America

Project led by KfW

  • 235,000 tons CO2 equivalent per year of direct GHG emissions avoided through the project
  • 580,000 MWh/year generated by the concentrated solar power plant
  • 380,000 homes supplied with electricity 24 hours/day
  • at least 1,906 jobs created through the “Mirror Programme”

   Support to SMEs Fund for the development of sustainability in Latin America

Project led by KfW

  • 971,000 hectares of land cultivated under sustainable management
  • 471,000 hectares of farmland under soil conservation practices
  • 540 hectares of soil protected from erosion
  • 660,000 direct jobs supported

   Sustainable Agriculture

Modernized Irrigation Project for Small and Medium Farmers

Project led by AECID

  • 12,400 hectares were provided with an irrigation system.
  • 14,150 families benefited, many of them of mestizo, indigenous, Afro-Ecuadorian and mountain origin.

   Sustainable Energy

Improving the sustainability of the electricity service in Suriname

  • 2 operational GIS and SCADA systems effectively in use by EBS’ business units
  • 43% increase in annual electricity sales by EBS.
  • 2,000 kW of solar PV installed capacity.
  • 1,410 households benefiting from 24 hours electricity production.
  • 30,000 Tons of C02eq will be reduced per year.


Facility launched in 2010
83 projects approved
62 bilateral and 24 multi-country

Total investment cost foreseen:

›› EUR 18.5 billion 

EU contribution:

›› EUR 719 million