The Latin American Investment Facility (LAIF) was launched at the sixth European Union - Latin America and Caribbean (EU-LAC) Summit in 2010 and the Caribbean Investment Facility was established in 2012. Since then, 86 projects (62 bilateral and 24 multi-country) have been launched, representing a total investment cost of approximately 18,5 billion euros with an EU LACIF contribution of almost 720 million euros.

Of these 86 projects, 20 are located in the seven lowest income countries in Latin America – Bolivia, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Paraguay – representing 25% of LACIF funds contracted.

For each euro provided by LACIF, an average of 24 euros of investment was committed by its partners. Annually, LACIF has committed around 56 million euros and has signed an average of six new contracts per year.


    Total Investment mobilised by LACIF (m EUR)

    Total LACIF Contribution (m EUR)


    LACIF supports projects in areas that have social, economic and environmental development impact.