The Green MSMEs II Initiative held the awards ceremony for the Regional Contest for Sustainable Mobility in Guatemala, which highlighted innovative micro-, small-, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in the transition to sustainable mobility.


With the objective of publicizing the progress of the Sustainable Recovery Program for Lake Yojoa in Honduras, recently the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) presented the results of the comprehensive diagnostic of the current situation of this important wetland.


According to UN Water, only 14% of wastewater was treated in Costa Rica as of 2018. The disposal of untreated water into water bodies or in septic tanks can cause groundwater contamination and public health problems.


Sep 09 - 12, 2024 Oaxaca, Mexico
Oct 07 - 10, 2024 St. Lucia
Oct 21 - Nov 01, 2024 Cali, Colombia


   Banking and Financial services

Triple Bottom Line Inclusive Finance in Latin America. Promoting Climate Smart Finance & Better Access

Project led by COFIDES

  • 30.000 previously unbanked MSMEs reached
  • 62.000 jobs supported
  • 7 entities supported in Ecuador, Peru, Colombia and Central America

   Rural development

Support to enhance FONPLATA’s climate resilience capacity

Project led by EIB

  • Fonplata, the Development Bank of the River Plata basin, has upgraded its environmental and social standards for the benefit of its member countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay
  • The cooperation among Fonplata, EIB and LACIF has allowed the implementation of four pilot projects in Bolivia and Brazil

   Sustainable Energy

LAGreen - Latin American Green Bond Fund

Project led by KfW

  • The LAGreen Fund is expected to reach a total of ~EUR 450 million by 2028.
  • LAGreen aims to promote the development of the Bond market in Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • Projects financed through LAGreen are focused on generating global environmental benefits and particularly to fight climate change.
  • LAGreen has invested EUR 128 million in 9 countries and supported over 40...

   Urban Development

Fondo MiVivienda - Promoting sustainable social housing in Peru

Project led by AFD

  • 110,800 households certified as sustainable quality social housing, 10,500 out of which received support from LAIF
  • "MiVivienda Verde programme” enabled the reduction of electricity consumption by 40% and of water consumption by 30% by 2024 in the new homes
  • Development of urban planning measures in several Peruvian cities

   Waste Management

Jujuy Integrated Waste Management Project

Project led by EIB

By 2025, the project shall have the following results:

  • 600,000 direct beneficiaries of the improved waste management strategy
  • 700 jobs created
  • Recovery of 23,000 tons of waste

   Sustainable energy

Cerro Dominador: The first thermal solar power plant in Latin America

Project led by KfW

  • 235,000 tons CO2 equivalent per year of direct GHG emissions avoided through the project
  • 580,000 MWh/year generated by the concentrated solar power plant
  • 380,000 homes supplied with electricity 24 hours/day
  • at least 1,906 jobs created through the “Mirror Programme”


Facility launched in 2010
86 projects approved
62 bilateral and 24 multi-country

Total investment cost foreseen:

›› EUR 18.5 billion 

EU contribution:

›› EUR 719 million