Sector: Water supply & sanitation

LACIF finances projects in Latin America and Caribbean countries to facilitate access to safe drinking water and efficient sanitation systems, contributing to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 6 (Ensure access to water and sanitation for all).

Relevant sub-sectors financed include:

Water supply - large systems:

Potable water treatment plants; intake works; storage; water supply pumping stations; large scale transmission / conveyance and distribution systems.

Sanitation - large systems:

Large scale sewerage including trunk sewers and sewage pumping stations; domestic and industrial wastewater treatment plants.

Basic drinking water supply:

Rural water supply schemes using handpumps, spring catchments, gravity-fed systems, rainwater collection and fog harvesting, storage tanks, small distribution systems typically with shared connections/points of use. Urban schemes using handpumps and local neighborhood networks including those with shared connections.

Basic sanitation:

Latrines, on-site disposal and alternative sanitation systems, including the promotion of household and community investments in the construction of these facilities.

River basins' development:

Infrastructure-focused integrated river basin projects and related institutional activities; river flow control; dams and reservoirs.

Water resources conservation (including data collection):

Collection and usage of quantitative and qualitative data on water resources; creation and sharing of water knowledge; conservation and rehabilitation of inland surface waters (rivers, lakes etc.), ground water and coastal waters; prevention of water contamination.

Water sector policy and administrative management:

As a component of a WASH investment program, LACIF finances water sector policy and governance, including legislation, regulation, planning and management as well as transboundary management of water; institutional capacity development; activities supporting the Integrated Water Resource Management approach.

Education and training in water supply and sanitation:

As a component of a WASH investment program, LACIF finances education and training for sector professionals and service providers.