Sector: Transport

LAIF finances projects that increase or improve sustainable and low carbon emission transportation systems in communities or regions with undeveloped infrastructure, contributing to the Sustainable Development Goal 11 (Make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable).

Relevant sub-sectors financed include:

Road transport

Road infrastructure, passenger road transport, road safety.

Rail transport

Rail infrastructure, rail equipment, locomotives, other rolling stock; including light rail (tram) and underground systems.

Water transport

Harbors and docks, harbor guidance systems, ships and boats; river and other inland water transport, inland barges and vessels.

Air transport

Airports, airport guidance systems, aeroplanes, aeroplane maintenance equipment.

Public transport services

Administration of affairs and services concerning public transport.

Transport policy and administrative management

As a component of transport infrastructure, transport sector policy, planning and programs; aid to transport ministries; institution capacity building and advice; activities that combine road, rail, water and/or air transport. Includes prevention of road accidents.

Transport regulation

As a component of transport infrastructure, supervision and regulation of users, operations, construction and maintenance of transport systems (registration, licensing, inspection of equipment, operator skills and training; safety standards, franchises, tariffs, levels of service, etc.).

Education and training in transport and storage

As a component of transport infrastructure, education and training for sector professionals and service providers.