Transforming people's lives in the Bolivian Andes

October 26, 2022

With the support of the Latin America and Caribbean Investment Facility (LACIF), EIB Global is working with the development bank FONPLATA in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay on a series of urban and rural development projects.

Communities in remote villages in the Bolivian Andes have no access to mains electricity or running water. Until recently, they had to make do without electricity and relied on natural water sources that were often polluted, and often far from their homes.

The Bolivian government's project 'Harvesting Water, Sowing Light' has already installed 1,283 rainwater harvesting tanks and more than 3,500 solar panels in homes, schools and health posts, improving the daily lives of local communities. By providing them with a clean source of energy, this project provides the targeted Bolivian populations with reliable access to electricity and helps them fight against climate change.

Through the following videos, discover how the project has contributed to improving the quality of life of local communities: 
Harvesting Water, Sowing Light: Changing lives in the rural Andes
Marta’s Story 
Angélica’s Story
Felicia and Pedro’s Story

More information about the project here