FONPLATA project – “Cosechando Agua, Sembrando Luz”

Potosí, Bolivia
June 28, 2022

We invite you to watch and share the first of a series of videos prepared by the European Investment Bank (EIB) to learn more about the “Cosechando Agua, Sembrando Luz” project in Potosí, Bolivia and witness people living and working in Potosí share how the project positively impacted on their lives.

LACIF and the EIB partner with Fonplata to implement a programme focused on multi-sector initiatives centered on climate change mitigation and adaptation in the River Plata Basin Region. The programme targets small-size initiatives in Brazil, Bolivia and Argentina with the aim to improve the living conditions of vulnerable populations, especially concerning social deprivation and climate resilience. LACIF contributes with Technical Assistance to enhance Fonplata capacity building in terms of risk and vulnerability assessment.