Bringing first time safe water and sanitation access to rural communities in Ecuador

July 04, 2023

LACIF is supporting one of the largest water sanitation projects in Ecuador, which aims to meet the water needs of 90,000 people, or 82% of the population living in the more remote areas of Portoviejo's municipality in the Manabí Province in northern Ecuador.

This work is financed as part of the Triple bottom line inclusive finance in Latin America: Promoting climate smart finance and better access project, which is implemented by the European Investment Bank. The EU’s contribution to the project, also known as Triple A, aims to improve access to green financing to unbankable urban and rural medium and small enterprises to reduce climate risk and vulnerability in Latin America.

A recent video provides a snapshot of the progress made on access to safe water and sanitation in Ecuador, thanks to the Triple A project’s support.

In addition, increased access to drinking water in rural areas is also transforming women’s lives.

“This project changed our lives as women in rural areas. I think we had hidden potential, and we used it, but we were never visible in society. Today, thanks to the Triple A project we are empowered and ready to work for our community. We are very important decision-makers in the community’s water council,” said one of the project’s beneficiaries in Manabí Province. 

Watch the video:

For more information about the project: Triple Bottom Line Inclusive Finance in Latin America. Promoting Climate Smart Finance & Better Access