July 13 - 14, 2023
Maison de la Poste (Tour & Taxi) in Brussels, Belgium and ON-LINE
Brussels, Belgium

EU-Latin America and the Caribbean Forum

Partners in Change

The partnership between the European Union (EU), Latin America, and the Caribbean (LAC) relies on the active participation of youth, civil society, and local authorities, as they all play significant roles in shaping its outcomes.

The EU is hosting an EU-LAC Forum, with youth, civil society and local authorities to have an inclusive exchange with non-state actors, and to discuss opportunities to build a sustainable and inclusive future for both regions.

In person participation is by invitation only, while online participation is through registration.


The programme over the two working days includes plenary sessions and panels. Topics will range across social cohesion and inequalities, education, health, culture, gender, youth, human rights and democracy, sustainable and inclusive economy, just, green and digital transition, as well as other areas that may be identified in the roadmap towards the Summit.

LACIF is represented in the exhibitor spaces and side-event rooms.

Further practical information can be accessed here.