Sector: Sustainable agriculture

LAIF finances projects to empower small and medium farmers and create sustainable agriculture systems, contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals 2 (Zero hunger) and 15 (Sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, halt and reverse land degradation, halt biodiversity loss), among others. LAIF stimulates enterprise and modern agricultural practices. These projects optimize the use of natural resources, while creating sustainable practices.

Relevant sub-sectors financed include:

Agricultural development

Integrated projects; farm development.

Agricultural land resources

Including soil degradation control; soil improvement; drainage of water logged areas; soil desalination; agricultural land surveys; land reclamation; erosion control, desertification control.

Agricultural water resources

Irrigation, reservoirs, hydraulic structures, ground water exploitation for agricultural use.

Agricultural inputs

Supply of seeds, fertilizers, agricultural machinery/equipment.

Food crop production

Including grains (wheat, rice, barley, maize, rye, oats, millet, sorghum); horticulture; vegetables; fruit and berries; other annual and perennial crops.

Industrial crops/export crops

Including sugar; coffee, cocoa, tea; oil seeds, nuts, kernels; fiber crops; tobacco; rubber.


Animal husbandry; animal feed aid.


Staple food processing, dairy products, slaughter houses and equipment, meat and fish processing and preserving, oils/fats, sugar refineries, beverages/tobacco, animal feeds production.

Agricultural extension

Non-formal training in agriculture.

Agricultural research

Plant breeding, physiology, genetic resources, ecology, taxonomy, disease control, agricultural bio-technology; including livestock research (animal health, breeding and genetics, nutrition, physiology).

Agricultural services

Marketing policies & organization; storage and transportation, creation of strategic reserves.

Plant and post-harvest protection and pest control

Including integrated plant protection, biological plant protection activities, supply and management of agrochemicals, supply of pesticides, plant protection policy and legislation.

Agricultural financial services

Financial intermediaries for the agricultural sector including credit schemes; crop insurance.

Agricultural co-operatives

Including farmers’ organizations.

Livestock/veterinary services

Animal health and management, genetic resources, feed resources.

Forestry policy and administrative management

Forestry sector policy, planning and programs; institution capacity building and advice; forest surveys; unspecified forestry and agro-forestry activities.

Forestry development

Afforestation for industrial and rural consumption; exploitation and utilization; erosion control, desertification control; integrated forestry projects.

Forestry research

Including artificial regeneration, genetic improvement, production methods, fertilizer, harvesting.

Fishing policy and administrative management

Fishing sector policy, planning and programs; institution capacity building and advice; ocean and coastal fishing; marine and freshwater fish surveys and prospecting; fishing boats/equipment; unspecified fishing activities.

Fishery development

Exploitation and utilization of fisheries; fish stock protection; aquaculture; integrated fishery projects.

Fishery research

Pilot fish culture; marine/freshwater biological research.

Fishery services

Fishing harbors; fish markets; fishery transport and cold storage.

Agricultural policy and administrative management

Agricultural sector policy, planning and programs; aid to agricultural ministries;  institution capacity building and advice; unspecified agriculture.