Sustainable energy

Cerro Dominador: The first thermal solar power plant in Latin America

Project led by KfW

  • 640,000 tons CO2 equivalent per year of direct GHG emissions avoided through the project
  • 175,200 MWh/year generated by the CSP plant
  • 382,000 homes supplied with electricity 24 hours/day
  • at least 1,906 jobs created through the “Mirror Programme”

   Support to SMEs

Eco Business fund for SME Development in Latin America

Project leaded by KfW

  • 47,000 hectares under agroforestry systems supported
  • 4.3 million tons of CO2 stored by agroforestry activities
  • 4.2 million cubic meters of water saved
  • 70,000 hectares of farmland under soil conservation practices
  • 3,269 businesses and producers supported

   Sustainable Agriculture

Modernized Irrigation Project for Small and Medium Farmers

Project leaded by AECID

  • 12,400 hectares are provided with an irrigation system.
  • 14,150 families should benefit, many of them mestizos, indigenous, Afro-Ecuadorians and mountaineers.

   Sustainable Energy

Improving the sustainability of the electricity service in Suriname

  • 43% increase in annual electricity sales by EBS.
  • 2,000 kW of solar PV installed capacity.
  • 1,410 households benefiting from 24 hours electricity production.
  • 30,000 Tons of C02eq will be reduced per year.